Uncle Jimmy's Sik Blog
Monday, May 03, 2004
Hello, this is your Uncle Jimmy speaking. It occurred to me the other day that some people might not be as sik as I am, so I think over the coming days, weeks, or it even might take years for some of you, I will be giving lessons on how to be as sik as Uncle Jimmy.

These lessons will be extremely valuable to those of you who are not as sik as I am, including:
- Where to get the best deal on Monaros;
- Places to get parts for your VL turbo;
- How to act sik like me; and of course
- Where to pick up da chicks mayte.

Stay tuned for the fully sik lessons by yours sikly, Uncle Jimmy.
Well today I start the sikkest blog in the history of man. No, actually it's even sikker than that. This is fully sik I tell ya, in fact it's the sikkest blog ever. Since fully forever mayte. I mean, no blog has ever been sikker than this, even when dinosaurs were cruising Chapel St in their sik Monaros mayte.


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